Making the most of your apprentice

Recently, more and more employers are choosing to invest in an apprentice scheme for their business to ensure that they remain competitive whilst growing their business. There are many advantages to running an apprenticeship programme, however, there are also some pitfalls that you should try to avoid.

Here are some dos and don’ts that may help you:

  • Do provide your apprentice with a direct report/mentor and ensure that regular meetings are held to discuss how they are getting on in their role, try not to throw them in at the deep end! 
  • Do consider the size of your company before deciding on the number of apprentices you take on. If you are a small business too many apprentices could be harder to manage and less valuable long term.
  • Do give your apprentice the opportunity to grow in the workplace by allowing them to practice what they have learnt at college.
  • Don’t forget your current employees. Apprenticeships schemes can also be used to train up existing members of staff, which will help make your employees feel more valued and boost morale.
  • Don’t view apprentices as short term cheap labour. Apprenticeship schemes are long term programmes and are designed to develop your employees to become an integral part of your business.

Apprenticeships are the ideal way to build a loyal and skilled team, shaped to your culture and with new skills learnt in your environment so they’re more relevant to your business.

Our Skills Advisers are here to provide you with support, guiding you through recruiting, training and accessing relevant funding to meet any costs involved.

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Connect, share, learn and inspire

Sometimes it’s good to connect with other employers who have first-hand experience of employing and nurturing apprentices and to be able to ask questions that are relevant to your business. Apprenticemakers is a national network for bringing together existing and budding apprentice employers, supported by the National Apprenticeship Service, to help them make the very best of the opportunity for their business. Visit to register.

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