Employer Vacancy Registration

Central Sussex College’s Job Shop is able to assist with your apprentice recruitment needs – from the initial advertising of your vacancy through to the delivery of the training necessary to equip your apprentice with the skills and knowledge they need to have a positive impact on your business.

Our Job Shop service has been designed to advertise; pre-screen; short list; arrange interviews and provide feedback. However our designated Job Shop team are also able to adapt and tailor the recruitment process to meet the needs of your company.

You must accept and confirm that you have read and understood the following terms and conditions to proceed to the registration form:

Employer terms and conditions

  • You, the hiring company, are solely responsible for determining the candidate’s suitability and eligibility for employment; including reference, qualification or CRB checks.
  • The apprentice recruitment service offered by the Job Shop is free-of-charge. By utilising the service you are agreeing to use Central Sussex College for the apprenticeship training of the candidate once appointed. If you breach this clause a £500 fee will be charged to cover the costs associated with the recruitment services provided to you.
  • Should the vacancy status change (i.e. you decide to withdraw the vacancy), you will notify Central Sussex College as soon as possible. Either party can terminate this agreement by notifying the other at any time.
  • You will treat all applications fairly and without prejudice.
  • Following receipt of candidates from the College you will provide shortlisting decisions within ten working days. Failure to respond in this timeframe may result in the vacancy being closed.
  • Where necessary and on request, you will provide details to the National Apprenticeship Service’s external database company ‘Blue Sheep’ to verify your company details for Apprenticeship funding purposes.
  • Candidate information cannot be shared with third parties and should not be kept on file if unsuccessful.
  • Health and safety vetting of your workplace must be undertaken by a representative of Central Sussex College upon an apprentice commencing employment.
  • As an employer, you will be responsible for the safeguarding of the apprentice. This includes, but is not restricted to, the approach to the planning and procedures that are necessary to be in place to protect young and vulnerable adults from any potential harm or damage.
  • You will provide the College with feedback regarding unsuccessful candidates, to allow the College to communicate this to candidates and subsequently improve their chances of future success.
  • You will pay your apprentice no less than £3.30 an hour (If they are over 19 then this can only be for the first year).
  • You must provide the apprentice with a written contract of employment. Apprentices cannot be self-employed

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