The College's commitment

  • Ensure that a student has contacted you before a placement occurs, agreeing the dates and times of work
  • Notify you of any medical or learning needs for the student and gain agreement that you are able to support the student whilst on their placement
  • Support the student to prepare for their placement
  • Send you an email at the end of the placement
    to confirm the hours that they worked
  • Provide you with a contact email and phone number should there be any issues you need to raise before, during or after the placement
  • Harness a working relationship whereby employers and employees are confident that their feedback will be listened to and acted upon
  • Provide the learner with work-related activities to complete before their placement, which will help the placement to be more meaningful
  • Ensure that any students working in the Health and Social Care or Early Years sectors will have a DBS check completed prior to any placement

The student's commitment

  • Prepare for the placement and make contact with your organisation before arrival
  • Be clear about specific learning objectives and agree these in advance with you
  • Arrive every day on time. If illness arises then they must let you and their College mentor know before 9am of that working day. They must also contact you if they are going to be arriving late
  • Adhere to dress codes, working hours and conduct themselves in a professional manner, this includes not using their mobile phone whilst working.
  • Carry out the duties agreed by themselves and their manager at the organisation to the best of their ability
  • Uphold the College’s reputation by presenting themselves in a mature, professional and respectful manner
  • Not lie or mislead the organisation. They must not divulge or exploit any private or confidential information
  • Not use the internet or email for private use, unless permission is given by your organisation
  • Adhere to your organisation’s Equality Policy and treat colleagues and customers with dignity and respect, regardless of background
  • Ask for advice, guidance and support when required and discuss any problems or issues with the appropriate member of staff
  • Report any safeguarding or equality and diversity issues to a member of college staff they trust
  • Complete a log of what they have learnt whilst at their placement which they can discuss with you at the end of the placement

The employer's commitment

  • Make clear the hours of work and the duration of the placement prior to the start date
  • State the dress code, and also expectations and guidance on professional conduct
  • Provide a health and safety briefing at the beginning of the first day and advise us of any accidents or incidents when they occur
  • Provide full training on any software or equipment to be used, if necessary
  • Provide the work experience student with a risk-assessed, safe, healthy and inclusive working environment where all are treated with dignity and respect regardless of background
  • Ensure that the young person is clear about the role they will play in your organisation and how/who they will be supported, supervised and mentored by whilst on placement
  • Introduce the work experience student to the structure of working life; help them to learn and to develop a range of transferable skills, personal qualities and competencies which will contribute towards their employability
  • Ensure success is celebrated and the young person has an enjoyable and positive work experience that encourages them to become more confident in their abilities
  • Provide an evaluation that gives honest feedback which can help the student in their personal and skills development
  • Consider using College students as a valuable source for recruitment either as apprentices or as full or part-time employees

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